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Love on the Internet

Steve & Nedra

L ove, romance, and happiness are indeed possible on the net, but WOW, do you have to perservere! Steve and I met on the Undernet's BBW-Over40 channel in April 1997. At the time he was courting another (gr-rr-rr) so we became online buddies instead; giving each other moral support; advising each other on how to deal with those pesky 'horny net geeks' and other wildly fantasizing souls who spoil online chat; discussing the finer points of being computing, and just being general 'puter nerds.

Immediately upon meeting online we seemed to click; however, circumstances kept us as ever-closer pals until he came to his senses and we discussed our attraction and our feelings.
Voila!! We declared our intentions and began plans to meet. Being 'mature adults' (shaddup!... you'll be OLD one day, too!) with similar goals, life experiences, and a sureness of who we were and what we wanted from life ... we threw caution to the wind. We skipped the HIGHLY recommended numerous real-time meetings and went straight for the cross-country (on his part) move; shocking some and dismaying others in the process. And we still strongly advocate that friends beware the players and scammers online (of which there are entirely too many).

Without a shred of doubt, we laid eyes on each other in July '97 and all was good in the world. We are settled in and comfy now that it's almost 18 month!

We still spend a little time online online and I help out as channel operator in
#bbw-over40. We talk with our friends, meet a few friends, encourage everyone to be honest, sure of their needs and goals, and not give up the search for their mate. We encourage our friends to be realistic in stating goals, wants and needs.
It happens... and like the rest of life... not always easily or quickly, but in the end...

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