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NieleHawaiianGirl Graphics I got hooked on doodling and creating graphics, so the most of my 'home' is linked as a series of pages with my designs.

I LOVE MUSIC Meager list of music links I enjoy

Humongous list of
FAT FASHIONS for the whole family compiled by ME!

A Collection of
ANTI-FEEDERISM Writings. Self-acceptance starts with actively discouraging those who seek to harm.

IRC Undernet
#BBW-over40 Channel website. Fun place to chat.

ZOFTIG ZONE, A gem of a place where I spend a lot of my online time. Hosted by Susan Mason, creative force and undiscovered diva.

Inside the
49ers. My web guru son's fan website.

Capital Chapter of NAAFA - where I hang out in real time

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